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My name is Jānis Alksnis and this is my private blog. Here I note the most important issues. Both self-written and noteworthy messages sent by friends. This blog is readable 3,403 records. Some of them have been moved from my previous websites and projects, because this is not the first website. Hopefully, this will be a little useful contribution to the history of future generations, as well as interesting reading on the most modern issues. I have previously invested in several projects and websites. Today, only a few of them have survived. If you want to be informed about the hottest news, subscribe to news from my blog

Photographer's notes vairākās versijās, gan dzinējs, kurā tika ieguldīts daudz kodēšanas laika un darba. Daudz kas no tā tagad jau šķiet smieglīgi primitīvs –
both a fashionable version of wordpress that is no longer viewable.
Balvu baznīca, kas uzreiz nonāca wordpress versijā / https://www.balvubaznica.lv /
Pārējie projekti vairs nav izturējuši laika zobu un devušies vēstures virzienā. Esmu palīdzējis, gan tautsaimniecības jomā, gan modes industrijā.
Nedaudz savu roku esmu pielicis arī mūsdienu jaunatnes izglītošanā par datortehnikas vēsturi – esmu viens no IBM kolekcijas dibinātājiem.
However, I cannot be proud of the activity of commentators in this project. I didn't move comments from previous pages, but this one is just 659 comments. It may not even be bad, because you don't have to deal with messing up. Time is doing its part and there are completely different priorities now. Which ones? I will write about it from time to time in this blog.

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